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Working in Cube Land: Why?

Here are some questions I ask myself almost every day working in a big open cubicle/ office area.

Why do I find the coffee pots empty almost every time I get coffee? Are you incapable of making coffee? Do you think you are too important to make coffee? Do you need to go to a “How To Make Coffee” class? I’m talking to you VP’s and managers who think they are too busy or important to spend 30 seconds making a new batch of coffee!

Why do some people have time to socialize,  play cards, walk around the building aimlessly while I am so busy I don’t have time for any of these things?

Why do smokers get a break every hour or so and I don’t have time to take even one break?

Why can’t men lift up the damn seat when peeing?

Why do men just hang out in a bathroom stall? Sleeping? Not getting enough at home?

Why do people insist on talking to me when I have my headphones on? Don’t you know I’m working and don’t want to be bothered?

Why can’t people put paper in the copy machine? I’m not your paper boy!

Why do all the fluorescent lights have to be on? Don’t you know they cause headaches and agitation?

Why is the office freezing when it’s cold outside and hot when it’s warm outside?

Why can’t I feel any airflow in the office?

Why do people insist on talking for 20+ minutes about their weekend, sports or some other non-work related subject. Can’t you shut up so I can work?

Why do people take care of personal hygiene at their desk like clipping their nails? Can’t you do that before work?

Why do you insist on IM’ing me while you are in the cube next to me? Have people forgot the art of conversation? (please ignore this one if I have my headphones on)

Why you you use the speaker phone when you are in a cube? Pick up the damn receiver… I don’t want to hear your conversation!

Why do you leave your office door open when you are on the speaker phone? Shut the damn door… I don’t want to hear your conversation!

Why is cube land sucking the life out of me?

Why can’t I win the lottery so I never have to come back here?

Farewell Emails

Why do people leaving a company feel the need to send a farewell email to everyone? Someone from our sales department (who I don’t even think works on site) is leaving tomorrow. I have been here two years and I never heard of her and never laid eyes on her. So why did I get some sappy email saying goodbye and leaving me her contact information?

Now I can understand if it’s the CEO, VP of the company etc. But a sales person… come on! Send an email to your department and walk out the door!

Here is an example of what someone sent out on 10/5/2008. Again, don’t know her, don’t care.

“What makes the desert beautiful,” says the little prince,” is that somewhere it hides a well.”
So is your love that make me strong.
Love you all and thank you all.


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