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Looking Back at the Trump Administration via Graphics

Now that Donald Trump is out of office, I thought I’d share the graphics I made about him in the past four years. One of these graphics was banned by Twitter and one by Zazzle.com. Enjoy!

Trump Teaches

Here is a series of graphics I created, since Trump is such a “stable genius”!

2020 Election

Here are graphics I made in response to all the craziness that happened during the 2020 election.


Here are graphics I did based on what happened in 2020 due to his terrible, deadly response to the COVID-19 world-wide pandemic. Just think how many Americans would still be alive if he wasn’t elected!

Trump Crimes

Here are graphics on just some of the awful, maybe criminal things did while Trump was in office.

Other Graphics

Here are the graphics I made that didn’t fall into one of the groups above.

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