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Online Dating Sucks – Karma’s A Bitch

Here is a story about a first date I had this Memorial Day. At the end of this you might wonder why one would even use online dating. Well, I wonder that to myself all the time.

I first started corresponding with Melodya around April 30th on Match.com. Close to Memorial Day she said yes to my question if she wanted to meet. So we made plans to meet the evening before Memorial Day. Before I continue, I should mention that during the communication we had either on Match or via text messages, her answers were very short… sometimes only one word. She never asked anything about me. Both of these are red flags, but I try not to count someone out when I’ve never meet them.

About 10 minutes before I left to go meet her at a restaurant that she chose, she texted me to say that she couldn’t make it and if we could meet the next day. She gave me an excuse about visiting with a girlfriend too long. Between this and the red flags that were already going off, I decided not to pursue meeting her.

So, mid-afternoon on Memorial Day, she texted asking if we are going to meet. I wasn’t doing anything so I said sure. This time we meet at a restaurant near where I live. After she arrived (late), I started asking the normal first date “interview” questions such as how long she has been on Match and how many has she meet. She answered about two months and she has meet two men.

I then asked how the dates went and she said not good. I asked why and she told me she meet a policeman and she didn’t like him because he was “fat” (his pictures weren’t recent). I asked her, besides him being “fat”, what else was wrong and all she said was it was because he was fat. First off, using the word “fat” it a bit harsh… I would have used overweight. This created the biggest red flag with me which is she is shallow. With her having a brand new, very large breast job, just feed more into this red flag. I won’t date anyone who is shallow.

Our conversation went on mostly consisting of me asking questions and talking. She talked very little and when she did she did not say much. As the date went on I could tell that she wasn’t interested. At one point I almost asked her if we should go our separate ways. She grabbed her purse so I thought she was going to ask me the same thing.

Soon after that she rummaged through her purse and said she forgot her phone in her car. When she left to go get her phone, I knew she wasn’t coming back… and she didn’t. About five minutes later I got a text stating she had to leave because of a family emergency, which is complete bullshit.

That is just not cool! If I don’t think there is a romantic relationship, I figure I might meet a new friend so I always complete the dinner, coffee or whatever because I think that is the right thing to do. I guess not everyone thinks the same because this is the second time it’s happened to me. The first time, right after I greeted my date at a restaurant, she said she had to go to the bathroom and I never saw her again! Not right at all! Just remember Karma’s a bitch!

So, if you meet someone named Melodya on an online dating site, around 41 years old with breasts too large for her frame… RUNAWAY!

Working in Cube Land: Why?

Here are some questions I ask myself almost every day working in a big open cubicle/ office area.

Why do I find the coffee pots empty almost every time I get coffee? Are you incapable of making coffee? Do you think you are too important to make coffee? Do you need to go to a “How To Make Coffee” class? I’m talking to you VP’s and managers who think they are too busy or important to spend 30 seconds making a new batch of coffee!

Why do some people have time to socialize,  play cards, walk around the building aimlessly while I am so busy I don’t have time for any of these things?

Why do smokers get a break every hour or so and I don’t have time to take even one break?

Why can’t men lift up the damn seat when peeing?

Why do men just hang out in a bathroom stall? Sleeping? Not getting enough at home?

Why do people insist on talking to me when I have my headphones on? Don’t you know I’m working and don’t want to be bothered?

Why can’t people put paper in the copy machine? I’m not your paper boy!

Why do all the fluorescent lights have to be on? Don’t you know they cause headaches and agitation?

Why is the office freezing when it’s cold outside and hot when it’s warm outside?

Why can’t I feel any airflow in the office?

Why do people insist on talking for 20+ minutes about their weekend, sports or some other non-work related subject. Can’t you shut up so I can work?

Why do people take care of personal hygiene at their desk like clipping their nails? Can’t you do that before work?

Why do you insist on IM’ing me while you are in the cube next to me? Have people forgot the art of conversation? (please ignore this one if I have my headphones on)

Why you you use the speaker phone when you are in a cube? Pick up the damn receiver… I don’t want to hear your conversation!

Why do you leave your office door open when you are on the speaker phone? Shut the damn door… I don’t want to hear your conversation!

Why is cube land sucking the life out of me?

Why can’t I win the lottery so I never have to come back here?

Office Life Etiquette

If you are like me and not lucky enough to work at home or have to work in “cube land”, then I am guessing you could be as frustrated as I am with the people around you. It’s amazing how unprofessional professionals are! I’m a software engineer and it’s worse for me because most of us need a calm, quite atmosphere to concentrate. Very hard to achieve in the big open cube rooms of today. This is why I much prefer to work at home. I estimate I can get as much done in two days at home as I do in five days in the cube farm.

So below are a list of things you can anonymously leave on your co-workers desk to teach them how to be a good cube/ office citizen.

  1. Use your quite voice at work! Remember how we were told that as kids and/or we tell that to our kids? Well you need to do that do so others can work instead of being distracted by your conversation. Remember, you are not at a bar or a sporting event!
  2. Make or take personal calls in private! Always make your personal calls or answer them outside or somewhere private like a conference room or an empty office. No one wants to hear your calls to your doctor, kids school, arguing with your significant other, talking your mom out of marrying a drunk etc. This just brings in drama into the office and it’s just plain inappropriate. For some reason when people use the phone, their voice goes up 3-4 decibels. Use your cell phone and take it somewhere else. Never use company phones, it’s not your phone and you never know if big brother is listening.
  3. Don’t sleep at your desk. If you are that tired or hung over, stay home! If you need to sleep, go to your car. Sleeping at your desk is just plain unprofessional. Not sure why companies put up with it. The guy in the cube next to me where I currently work, not only sleeps but snores!
  4. Smokers use breath mints!!! If you are going to blow 10-15 minutes of work time ever hour or so taking time off of your life (smoking) then do us all a favor and pop a few Altoids before you come back into the office. None of us non-smokers what to smell you when you get back into your cube!!
  5. Don’t scratch your butt in the hall! I’m not kidding you… I was trying to go to the printer and this guy was standing in my way, hand down his pants scratching his butt. Please! Not good and any public situation!
  6. Take care of your personal hygiene at home or in the bathroom! No one wants to hear you clipping your nails etc. at your desk!
  7. Make coffee when the pot is almost empty! Okay, this is more office etiquette, but are your hands broken? Is there a reason you leave the pot empty or almost empty? Dang, it takes 10 seconds out of your so important day to make a pot. Come on!
  8. Fill the copier with paper! If the copier ran out of paper then put some more in! Just don’t walk away. If I catch you doing this then be prepared for a swift kick in the ass. If there are no more reams of paper, GO FIND SOME! I’m not your paper bitch!

I will add more to this post as the fun continues!

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