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Write a Review on Yelp and Get Kicked Out

Yes, write a review on Yelp.com about the Arterra restaurant/ bar in San Diego, Ca and get 86’d (kicked out). Read below:


Now, based on my previous two reviews of Arterra (in the Marriott), the bartender that I reviewed has now managed to 86 (kick me out) of the bar/ restaurant! That’s right, I went in tonight to get a drink from the my favorite “good” bartender, Mike, and after I was done, they (the manger) told me I was no longer welcome. Their reason was bogus since this is only the second time I’ve been there this year, the real reason is because of the truths/ reviews I have been writing on Yelp.

It’s too bad new management believe the word of this bartender I wrote about. I don’t blame the the other bartenders for sticking together, this is what they do. I do blame the Arterra management for not only keeping this terrible immature bartender (Corry) but letting him manipulate the situation.

Locals or regulars bring a lot of money into restaurants/ bars and it’s too bad that they don’t get it and keep pushing us away. Is the Marriott going to 86 everyone that writes a not so favorable review on Yelp.com?

While this was all going on this evening, there was this SUPER DRUNK guy in the bar, bothering all the patrons (girls), pissing off the bartenders that no one did anything about. Hows that for fairness? I did nothing but come in and get a drink to wind down after an very long and stressful day.

Stay away from this place until they get better management and better bartenders. Food service and service in the bar is really bad too.


Watch out if you write a bad review on Yelp! Went back to to Arterra last week hoping my favorite bartender was there but instead the one I wrote about was! While he served me and after I gave him a big tip… seems he and others at the Marriott read my review and he gave me a ration of crap! Not very professional. Guess you never can go back.


While the outside patio is nice here, that’s about it. The bar boasts that it brings downtown to Carmel Valley… yes it does! Downtown prices and attitude. If you are a local… stay away. While Arterra use to be a cool place to hang out, have a drink and listen to a local jazz band, that is all gone. Replaced by high corporate prices and a DJ. Gone are the bartenders that take care of you and managers/chefs that took care of you.

Actually, here is a story of one of their bartenders: I stopped going to Arterra over a year ago mostly because of one of the bartenders there. He is verbally, physically and mentally abusive and I just won’t put up with then when going to a bar, especially when I was a regular! I know I’m not they only local that feels this way and does not go to Arterra for the same reasons. On multiple occasions he has sprayed cleaning fluid in my face. He has made fun of my clothing. He has thrown my drinks out for no reason and even has banded together with other bartenders to not even serve me (early in the evening even before my first drink). I can keep going but I think you get the idea.

Unless you want to be treated this way at the Arterra bar, I would stay away.

Heard from the Marriott on 10/13/2009

This afternoon I rec’d an email with an attached letter from the Del Mar Marriott. Here are the contents:

I am in receipt of your complaint from Marriott Customer Care regarding your recent visit to Arterra.

Your comments have been shared with our staff.

Thank you for your candid feedback.

Joe Emma
Assistant General Manager

Wow, what an awesome response! I think Joe should go into politics! I expected something like “… we’ll look into it”, an apology but not this! Oh well, what do I expect from a large corporation anyway.

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