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Boycott San Diego Clear Channel Radio Stations

At the beginning of this month, money grubbing Clear Channel decided to not renew the contract of Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw show which has been one if not the most popular morning show here in San Diego for over 20 years. The show was currently being hosted by radio station KGB 101.5. My personal view is that this is the best morning show I have ever heard in the country, including syndicated shows, because it was truly funny and didn’t insult my intelligence.

I have written KGB and will soon write Clear Channel and I advise all DSC fans to do the same. I also invite you to join my boycott of all Clear Channel stations in San Diego (list below)… actually I’m not listening to radio at all since most of it totally sucks besides this show.

Clear Channel Stations

  • KGB-FM
  • KIOZ-FM (ROCK 105.3)
  • KMYI-FM (STAR 94.1)
  • KOGO-AM (AM 600 KOGO)

If you know of any others or any news about the DSC show, please enter a comment below.

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