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Early Morning

I took this picture in the early morning in October 2018 when I visited my aunt and uncle in Maryland, USA.

Early Morning

Flower In Garden

Flower picture taken at the San Diego Botanic Garden.

Photo of the Week – On Vacation

Took this picture in Cozumel, Mexico while on a cruise in 2011.

On Vacation

On Vacation

Photo Of The Week – Come Here Often?

Here is a photo I took at a club in Del Mar, California (where all the pretty people go).

Come Here Often?

Photo of the Week – Walking Alone

Photo taken near Torrey Pines state beach in San Diego , CA. Photo by: David McCarter

Photo of the Week: Numbers

Photo taken in antique shop in Solana Beach, CA.

Photo of the Week: Pawn Broker

Took this picture of a Pawn shop in downtown San Diego, Ca.

Photo of the Week: Rocky Creek Bridge

Picture of Rocky Creek Bridge in Big Sur, California taken in October 2011.

Photo of the Week: Reaching for the Sky

Phot of the Week: Crashing Waves

Crashing waves in Cozumel Mexico.

Crashing Waves

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