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Online Dating Profiles: I Can’t See You!

Over 10 years ago I wrote a post titled “Think Before You Post Photo’s To Online Dating Services“, but I’m not sure if anyone has read it, so I am doing more in hopes that you do! This first post of this series will focus on profiles where I can’t see the person! Why would you have an online dating profile where potential daters can’t even see what you look like? Makes no sense to me so, if someone actually does this, I’d love to know why? Here are some examples I have found recently.

You Aren’t There At All!

Here is a collection of photos that does not even have a single pixel of the actual person? What are you thinking??? Worse yet, most are missing any profile information (text).

I See You But I Still Can’t See You

Here are the rest of the photos that include some of the person but I still can’t see what you look like! Again, most had no profile description. So why would I even contact you? Please explain!

What do men do to not show themselves? I don’t know, so women, please send your bad photos of men and I will be happy to add them. I will be adding most posts about this soon!

How To Know If You Are A Cat Lady

Women, before you get upset with me, this applies to males too! So if you are wondering if you are a cat lady, answer the questions below on how you post profile text and/or pictures on online dating sites:

  1. Do you post pictures of you and animal?
  2. Do you post pictures of your animal (you are not in the picture)?
  3. Is your animal your best friend?
  4. Does your headline/ tag line say “Must Love Dogs”, “Must Love My Dog” or something similar?
  5. Can you not sleep at night without your animal or your animal can’t sleep without you?
  6. Do you have to rush home every x number of hours to feed, see or take your animal out for a piss?

If you answered even YES to ONE of these questions… YOU ARE A CAT LADY. Give it up and take your profile down from all online dating sites. You are too far gone and there is no recovery.

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