Online Dating Profiles: I Can’t See You!

Over 10 years ago I wrote a post titled "Think Before You Post Photo’s To Online Dating Services", but I'm not sure if anyone has read it, so I am doing more in hopes that you do! This first post of this series will focus on profiles where I can't see the person! Why would you … Continue reading Online Dating Profiles: I Can’t See You!

Think Before You Post Photo’s To Online Dating Services

Think twice about the pictures(s) you post on popular online dating sites!

Does Online Dateing Really Work?

I have been in the online dating scene for longer then I care to admit... actually before there were online dating sites! I have so many stories it's not funny. I'm wondering if these things really work. Sure, the ads say they do but we all know the success rate has to be pretty low. … Continue reading Does Online Dateing Really Work?

Prostitution On Yahoo Personals?

You are not going to belive this email I got from a woman on Yahoo Personals: "I am seeking someone willing to help me out with 2000.00 cash for back due rent due to job lay off. If this interests you I am offering a couple of hours of my time at your place for … Continue reading Prostitution On Yahoo Personals?