Customer Service Failure: Vons

Last weekend I received an email from Vons to get a free delivery from their home delivery service. Since I was stuck working all weekend, I thought I'd save some time and take them up on their offer. I have used their service before when I was unable to make it to the store. Once … Continue reading Customer Service Failure: Vons

McDonalds Likes to Pass the Buck

I wrote to McDonald's the other day letting them know I was over changed AGAIN at the local store near where I live. Also to complain that they continuously leave an item out of my order. Below is their lame response... nice way to pass the buck guys!Hello David: Thank you for your comments regarding … Continue reading McDonalds Likes to Pass the Buck

Recycled Aluminum Foil

Reynolds is now offering recycled aluminum foil! Click here for more info and to sign up for a free roll. (hopefully it will be cheaper)