Photography: Alone

I call this photo “Alone” that I took in San Diego, California of a young woman walking on the beach.



More ocean & beach photography I have taken can be found here:

Photography: Silver Surf

I call this one “Silver Surf” that I took in San Diego, California.

Silver Surf

Silver Surf

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Photography: Fire In The Sky

I live in San Diego, California and I have to say we have some really amazing sunsets. I call this one that I took in 2004 “Fire in the Sky“.

Fire In The Sky

Fire In The Sky

More sunset photography I have taken can be found here:

Photography: Tequila Sunset

I live in San Diego, California and I have to say we have some really amazing sunsets. I call this one that I took in 2003 “Tequila Sunset“.

Tequila Sunset

Tequila Sunset


More sunset photography I have taken can be found here:

Ocean & Beaches

Since I live in San Diego, CA in the United States and live about a mile from a beach, I have done a lot of photography there. The beaches here are a very big draw for not only people who live here but travelers too.

To view my galley of photos that I have done, please click on the graphic below.


I do lots of different types of photography that I enjoy doing and one of them is taking photos of flowers. I think I got my love of flowers from my late mother. Every time she came to visit me in San Diego, California USA she would ask me to take her to Balboa Park so she can view the rose garden. Their rose garden blooms all year, so there is always something beautiful to look at. Whenever I visit the park or the Zoo, which is right next door, I always have my cameras with me.

To view my flowers gallery, please click the image below.

Early Morning

I took this picture in the early morning in October 2018 when I visited my aunt and uncle in Maryland, USA.

Early Morning

Looking Back at the Trump Administration via Graphics

Now that Donald Trump is out of office, I thought I’d share the graphics I made about him in the past four years. One of these graphics was banned by Twitter and one by Enjoy!

Trump Teaches

Here is a series of graphics I created, since Trump is such a “stable genius”!

2020 Election

Here are graphics I made in response to all the craziness that happened during the 2020 election.


Here are graphics I did based on what happened in 2020 due to his terrible, deadly response to the COVID-19 world-wide pandemic. Just think how many Americans would still be alive if he wasn’t elected!

Trump Crimes

Here are graphics on just some of the awful, maybe criminal things did while Trump was in office.

Other Graphics

Here are the graphics I made that didn’t fall into one of the groups above.

Online Dating Profiles: I Can’t See You!

Over 10 years ago I wrote a post titled “Think Before You Post Photo’s To Online Dating Services“, but I’m not sure if anyone has read it, so I am doing more in hopes that you do! This first post of this series will focus on profiles where I can’t see the person! Why would you have an online dating profile where potential daters can’t even see what you look like? Makes no sense to me so, if someone actually does this, I’d love to know why? Here are some examples I have found recently.

You Aren’t There At All!

Here is a collection of photos that does not even have a single pixel of the actual person? What are you thinking??? Worse yet, most are missing any profile information (text).

I See You But I Still Can’t See You

Here are the rest of the photos that include some of the person but I still can’t see what you look like! Again, most had no profile description. So why would I even contact you? Please explain!

What do men do to not show themselves? I don’t know, so women, please send your bad photos of men and I will be happy to add them. I will be adding most posts about this soon!


Early this year, after being inspired by a segment I saw on the TV show 60 minutes, I decided I should start creating artwork again. Since we are living through a pandemic, I had a lot of extra time on my hands and needed to come up with way to keep myself busy. I have been doing artwork since grade school and even won my very first award for a book I wrote. So I looked around my home trying to think of what I should do and noticed a lot of electronics I had stored to take to the electronic recycling. So I spend months taking apart the electronics so I could “re-purpose” them into artwork.

Then I came up with my first project for myself that incorporates all of my passions so the Rockmputer was born! I took an old cheap bass guitar that I purchased for recording songs since it no longer worked well and made that the base for the artwork. The electronics on top of it represents my passions… photography, music and technology.

Stay tuned for more artwork similar to this. If you have any comments or questions, please make them below.

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