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How Much Fun Can You Have In East County on a Saturday Night?

You can have a hell of a lot of fun if you happened to be at the The Downtown Cafe in El Cajon this evening between 7-10pm because you were treated to one of San Diego’s famous bands called The Farmers (formerly The Beat Farmers). They rocked out with a mixture of tunes from their long career and entertained everyone from toddlers barley old enough to walk to the grandparents of those same kids!

The outside patio area where The Farmers performed was packed with fans (sporting their Farmers t-shirts) and even family of the band. Lead singer Corbin Turner told me before they played that they really enjoy playing at The Downtown Cafe because all ages can come enjoy the band. If was evident from all the dancing and smiles tonight that everyone there did enjoy the band and had a blast.

The Downtown Cafe has a wide range of good food from burgers, fajita’s, BBQ and more at reasonable prices. It features a very large outside patio area that is perfect for a warm summer evening. It has a very large indoor restaurant and bar too. While I wished the service was a bit better (faster and more attentive) the great food and entertainment made up for it. They feature music Thursday thru Saturday nights.

Photo of the Week: Atomic Punks

In  honor of the Atomic Punks show tomorrow in San Diego!

For more info on the band and the show on Saturday go to:

Photo of the Week: Dazed and Confused

In  honor of the special Dazed and Confused show tomorrow in Ocean Beach!

For more info on the band and the show on Saturday go to:

Fiesta Del Sol 2010 and Tips for Attending Future Events

Today I attended only for the second time the second day of the 31st Fiesta Del Sol street fair in Solana Beach, California. Not sure when I first attended this festival but it had to be at least 5 years ago. At first it looked pretty much the same when I got there until I turned the first corner and I think it grew at least four times in size! More booths, more food, more bands and thousands of more people (around 50,000 during the two days). So this small beach festival had changed into a huge pre Del Mar Fair with not as much art but lots of shoes and clothing knock offs, chiropractors, massage therapy, home improvement companies, insurance companies and other corporate booths trying to get you to stop. Even saw a politician campaigning, which I was actually happy for since she reminded me about the election on Tuesday.

In addition to the booths, kids rides and pretty much the same type of food you can find at the fair there was lots of music! There were around 14 acts, mostly local bands (which San Diego has an awesome local music scene that most people don’t know about). I choose to go Sunday just to see and take pictures of the local blues artist Candye Kane. She was great and so was her band. The people around the concert area were having a blast dancing, listening and socializing.

Candye Kane @ Fiesta Del Sol 2010

Fiesta Del Sol 2010

After Candye Kane the mood of the crowd seemed to shift for the worse. I’m not sure if it was the afternoon of consuming alcohol, dehydration, fatigue, large number of people crammed into a small area or a combination of some or all of those factors but it would be advised for parents and kids to go home around this time (4pm). So based on my good and not so good time there and some lessons learned, here are my tips for the 2011 festival:

  1. First off… have a good time! Be nice to people, talk to people, get to know your neighbor! You just might be surprised on who you might meet or what you might learn. There are also a lot of good non-profit group booths at the festival too. Check them out. Oh, also don’t forget to get off of your chair and dance if you like the music! Life is too short (I see you sitting there with your arms crossed in the picture above).
  2. Drink LOTS of water! Beer does not count it only makes it worse! Both times I have been to the festival the weather was experiencing a major case of “June Gloom”. Very heavy cloud cover for those of you that are new to San Diego. Don’t let this fool you! You can still get major sunburn and experience sunstroke which I think I had a slight case of after only being there around 4 hours and drank two bottles of water. It even carried on into the next day.
  3. Fiesta Del Sol 2010Parking is non-existent near the site! Well almost… the organizers actually suggested to park at the train station lot, this is pretty much a joke after the first few hundred people. They should have strongly suggested the off site parking and provided more of it. You just can’t expect 50,000 people to park in neighborhoods. So if you are coming so see a band, arrive early (at least an hour) and bring your walking shoes.
  4. Remember you are in a public place. Act accordingly, help someone who needs a hand, get out of someone’s way if you are blocking them. Don’t think you are the only person there. Also if you don’t want to be photographed by me or the thousands of other people there with cameras or cell phones, then I would re-think even coming. What I’m about to tell you is 100% true. As you can see from the picture above, besides taking photos of the bands there, I also was taking people shots, mostly of couples dancing. I would wait until they were doing something “photo worthy” like a complicated move, dancing cheek to cheek or just having a lot of fun and then take my shot. Well, there was this one older couple that was dancing cheek to cheek and I had my camera trained on them and was waiting for the perfect moment to snap the picture. As soon as the woman saw me she said something to the man and they ran from the area where people were dancing, grabbed their belongings from a bench and high tailed it out of the festival! I have never seen anyone, even an older couple move so fast. This was way beyond someone not wanting their picture taken because they are shy. At first I thought they were making cheating on their spouses but on the drive home I thought it might even be more than that. Maybe they are hiding from the law, in a witness protection program etc.? What ever the reason, the lesson here is if you don’t want to be photographed or video taped, you might want to stay home.
  5. Parents, when Dick Dale starts to play, it’s time to take the kids home! For the first few bands that play, the music is pretty much jazz, blues or R&B. Everyone has a great time, dances or just soak in the tunes.  Then at around 4pm or so, surf guitar legend Dick Dale takes the stage and the
    crowd goes crazy which is not a bad thing, but many get mean (pushing and shoving) and more. This is when I left because I didn’t think it was worth it.

So have fun, but be warned and be nice to the person next to you.

Local 80’s Band Assassin To Play for One Last Time

If you live in San Diego back in the 80’s then you might have seen the #1 heavy metal band called Assassin. This band played often locally and even opening for some bands like Poison and more. Back then, before everyone could record music on their laptop, they had a 45 record out that was actually funded by one of the players from the Padres. One of their songs that was featured on a metal compilation album in Europe even made it to #3 at one point!

I actually started working for the band as their official photographer (yes I have been doing that for this long). I then started to be the “roadie” for the bass player John and even occasionally did lights and sound and more (better told over a beer). Well, last year the head of their fan club got a hold of some original and live recordings (I was around for both) and released their first CD on Deep Shag Records (click here to purchase).


This is now leading to the very last reunion gig ever of Assassin and other bands from then at 4th & B next Saturday, April 17th at 8pm. All the original members of Assassin will be there along with myself taking pictures (of course). It’s guaranteed to be an awesome throwback to the 80’s and I hope to see everyone there! Please come by and say hi, it won’t hard to find me… I’ll be the 6’4″ guy with all the cameras and all of his hair!

For tickets click here.

Boycott San Diego Clear Channel Radio Stations

At the beginning of this month, money grubbing Clear Channel decided to not renew the contract of Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw show which has been one if not the most popular morning show here in San Diego for over 20 years. The show was currently being hosted by radio station KGB 101.5. My personal view is that this is the best morning show I have ever heard in the country, including syndicated shows, because it was truly funny and didn’t insult my intelligence.

I have written KGB and will soon write Clear Channel and I advise all DSC fans to do the same. I also invite you to join my boycott of all Clear Channel stations in San Diego (list below)… actually I’m not listening to radio at all since most of it totally sucks besides this show.

Clear Channel Stations

  • KGB-FM
  • KIOZ-FM (ROCK 105.3)
  • KMYI-FM (STAR 94.1)
  • KOGO-AM (AM 600 KOGO)

If you know of any others or any news about the DSC show, please enter a comment below.

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Killola is Coming to San Diego!

Killola, the band that Dave Navarro has picked the #1 indie band of the year, is coming to the House of Blues San Diego on Thursday September 14th.


If you’ve never seen Killola, then you need to go to this show! The band is fronted by Lisa… the wildest, sexiest female singer that I’ve seen in a long time! Their music is fresh but sounds familiar at the same time and they ROCK live. It’s only $5! What do you have to loose?


Killola – Live in San Diego – June 2006

Circus Diablo Makes Their Debut at Canes

The new band, Circus Diablo made their debut Sunday night at Canes in Mission Beach, Ca. Circus Diablo features Billy Morrison: Vocals. Billy Duffy (The Cult): Lead Guitar. Ricky Warwick: Rhythm Guitar. Brett Scallions: Bass Guitar. Jeremy Colson: Drums. For those of you that didn’t come, you missed a kick ass rock show. For the 75 or so that did… we were treated to a very intimate show! So intimate that before and after their set, you could walk up to any of the band members and get an autograph or just chat. They all were very cool!

Circus Diablo

The treat for me was chatting with Billy Duffy again. I meet him for the first time backstage at The Cult concert in Vegas this year and it was awesome. He is one of my guitar influences and it was great to find out what a nice guy he is.

Circus Diablo are only playing a few more shows before they take a break until next year. I suggest checking them out before they do. Go to their web site for the very few upcoming shows!

Click here for pictures from the show!

Tool Headlines @ Street Scene 2006!

Picture a concert with today’s greatest musical talents…a carnival…a celebration of culture…this is STREET SCENE 2006. Headliners Tool and Kanye West top the list of the more than 45 internationally acclaimed performers who are confirmed for this year’s two-day event. The 22nd annual STREET SCENE is set for Friday, August 4 and Saturday, August 5 and will take place in a massive 2.5 million square foot area outside Qualcomm Stadium adjacent to downtown San Diego.

Performing on the six stages, this year’s line-up is a mix of Alternative and Indie to Hip Hop and Reggae artists: Tool, Kanye West, AFI, Social Distortion, Snoop Dogg, Modest Mouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Queens of the Stone Age, Wu Tang Clan, My Chemical Romance, Sean Paul, Bloc Party, Bad Religion, Yellowcard, Tricky, She Wants Revenge, Steel Pulse, G Love & Special Sauce, Slightly Stoopid, The Subways, The Editors, The Futureheads, Donavon Frankenreiter, Rock Kills Kid, Matchbook Romance, Bedouin Soundclash, Tapes ‘n Tapes, West Indian Girl, Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited, Cheb I Sabbah & The 1002 Nights, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, Dirty On Purpose, The Colour, The Shys, Mutaytor, Particle, Yard Dogs, Drag Show, Lydia, Lupe Fiasco, Ska Cubano and others TBA.

Doors open at 3:00 PM, with music getting underway at 4:00 PM and continuing until 12 midnight on both days. The multi-stage event will feature top-of-the line sound and lighting to ensure an incredible music experience for all.

But as previous STREET SCENE attendees know–it’s about more than just the music here. Aside from the longtime partnership with “Southwest Airlines Taste of San Diego” featuring some of the best food from San Diego’s top restaurants, this year’s STREET SCENE is also shaping up to be a virtual feast for the ears and eyes. Concertgoers will also enjoy Mutaytor: a phenomenal, cutting-edge circus act with fire dancers, tribal drums, aerial acrobatics, stunning visual and audio effects; The Yard Dogs Road Show, a critically acclaimed vaudeville/burlesque act; The Dragon House Drag Show; a drum circle; carnival rides; interactive art installations; and arts and craft vendor booths from throughout southern California.

While a special pre-sale of two-day tickets has already sold out (via an email outreach to longtime festival supporters), fans can purchase two day passes beginning Monday, May 22 at noon via the website ( or by phone at 877-840-0457. A limited number of weekend passes will be available for $115; once the initial allotment of weekend passes has sold out, the price will increase to $125 and finally $135. Single day tickets will go on sale in July. Onsite parking passes will also be available for $15 per day.

Additionally, “Street Scene VIP Ultra Lounge” packages are available for $700. The two-person (21 and over), two-day package includes: two weekend tickets; a hosted beer & wine bar plus exclusive VIP cocktail specials; delicious catered dinner; VIP parking; a private, nohassle entrance; seating with live video feeds on plasmas from all key stages; private VIP restrooms; and various other surprises.

STREET SCENE was launched in 1984 with two versions of the event (one in May, the other in August). Originally set in a one block area of downtown San Diego (on 5th Avenue between J & K Streets), the event’s first-year performers included Los Lobos and The Blasters in May, and X, Robert Cray, and the Neville Brothers in August. By 1987, Street Scene had become a once-a-year occurrence. The Gaslamp location was utilized for 19 years. In 2004, while celebrating its 20th Anniversary, the annual event moved to a venue adjacent to Petco Park. This enabled festival organizers to allow people to move more freely between the festival’s performance areas while remaining in an easily accessible central San Diego location. The move to the Qualcomm Stadium location in 2005 allowed for an even more expanded area. Throughout the festival’s 20-year history, fans have come to expect a mix of some of the top names in music.

For up-to-the-minute updates, hotel information, transportation, parking and other facts, please visit

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