Has Your Job Been Outsourced

Has your job been outsourced to India or some other country like mine has? Well tell the world what you think about it with this cool t-shirt I designed. Click on the shirt to order one or two!

How Not To Setup Your Active Directory Topology

So, today (about a week after the company that purchased us moved our computers into their domain) I was looking through Active Directory for security groups. I went to many of the folders but could not find them. Sure, I could search for them and they came up, but could not find what folder they … Continue reading How Not To Setup Your Active Directory Topology

Printer Re-Installing Blunder

Today the company that purchased us last year sent out an email to everyone in our company. It seems they are moving our print servers over to their servers. While this is not a big deal the email they sent out was not only hard to understand but wrong. Their instructions were very hard to … Continue reading Printer Re-Installing Blunder

Want To See What's On My Computer

The company that bought us June of 2006 uses a product called Managesoft to manage software updates etc. But it seems that the only way it works (or the only way the 1,500 IT people here can figure out) is if any authenticated user is an administrator on anyone's machine!!! WTF??? You have got to … Continue reading Want To See What's On My Computer

Another Tower Overview

Today our new company sent down from the corporate office the head of one of the “towers” in the IT department. Tower is just another word for department, but maybe they like it better because it makes it sound more powerful. I’d rather call it a well since that is what feels like working with … Continue reading Another Tower Overview

Inida Outsourcing its Outsourcing

You are not going to believe this one. Check it out: http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/09/24/business/outsource.php

Outsourcing Taken To a New Level

This section will tell the story of how the small company I work for (about 450+ people) was taken over by a very large company. While this happens all the time, I will focus on outsourcing because our new company takes this to a whole new level. They outsource everything and I mean everything from … Continue reading Outsourcing Taken To a New Level