Working in Cube Land: Why?

Here are some questions I ask myself almost every day working in a big open cubicle/ office area. Why do I find the coffee pots empty almost every time I get coffee? Are you incapable of making coffee? Do you think you are too important to make coffee? Do you need to go to a … Continue reading Working in Cube Land: Why?

Farewell Emails

Why do people leaving a company feel the need to send a farewell email to everyone? Someone from our sales department (who I don't even think works on site) is leaving tomorrow. I have been here two years and I never heard of her and never laid eyes on her. So why did I get … Continue reading Farewell Emails

Why Do We Need Regulation on Common Sense?

ABC News reported this morning about the dangers of text messaging while driving and that Washington will be the first state to make it illegal. This got me thinking on why we need laws for issues that should be common sense to people? This is obviously a very dangerous habit that seems to be common … Continue reading Why Do We Need Regulation on Common Sense?