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If You Don’t Wear Your Mask and Practice Social Distancing When Going Out, Then I Hope You Get COVID-19!

Since Mar 19, 2020, my home state of California in America has been on some sort of sate wide lock-down. This was to limit the spread by restricting the movement of the population to try to avoid the state being hit hard by the pandemic, which we now are. Also, our Governor made it mandatory for everyone to wear a mask indoors and outdoors where social distancing can not be maintained.

I specifically live in an area called Del Mar, which is close to the beach which means it’s very expensive to live here. So when I started to take walks, go to the store, etc., I thought I would be pretty safe since I figured most of the people that live here are pretty smart. Boy was I wrong! EVERY TIME I go outside, I see people not wearing masks or improperly. I did also notice that mostly minorities, especially Asians, follow the mask-wearing mandate 100%. The biggest culprits are, I hate to say this, are white people.

I am really tired of being the “mask police“, EVERY TIME I GO OUTSIDE! Every time I go out I have to remind people or ask them where their masks are. Most ignore me, until today.

Dan Is An Asshole

When I was at the shopping mall down the street from me today, I was walking out of the hardware store, headed to the grocery store. After a few steps, a guy (let’s call him Dan) comes towards me, with a mask in his hand but not on his face. As he passed I said (as I moved to make more space between us):

You have a mask but refuse to wear it? Thanks for that.

It took him a few seconds to think about it he turned around and said:

Fuck you! I don’t need to wear a mask outside.

Before I continue, let’s review what the California state web site says.

To prevent infection, you must cover your nose and mouth when outside your home. So wearing a mask is now required statewide. Wearing a mask or cloth face covering can slow the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the release of the virus into the air. It also reinforces physical distancing, and shows you care about the health of others.”

The rule in California is to do this at all times, not just when YOU feel like it.

I replied:

You do have to wear one when you are only walking a few feet from me.

He continued to yell at me, including obscenities. Before he was out of earshot I said:

You must be a Trump supporter!

Since we all know Trump is a mask denier. He said:

I didn’t vote for Trump, I am a liberal.

I told him that he is not acting like a liberal! I thought it was over, but he turned towards me, started walking my way, still yelling obscenities. At this point, I could see he was sizing me up, maybe to get into a fight. He walked right up to me, still without a mask on and said:

Instead of saying something in passing, why not have a conversation?

Okay, I’m not unreasonable. So I asked him why he isn’t wearing a mask. He said:

I don’t have to wear one outside since I’m not around people.

We are standing in the middle of the food court at this mall, with many people around and I said:

Yes, you do here since there are people around. And you walked very close to me without one.

Then he got very close to me, I thought maybe to start that fight (which would be silly with me due to my size). I told him to get away from me. Then he started yelling very loudly:

Then I hope you get on those people who are over there eating (pointing to the people in the foodcourt).

I told him I won’t since they are following the rules and are socially distant. He finally started walked away, still yelling obscenities. I looked at some of those people in the food court and they were shaking their heads (at Dan).

I Can’t Believe This is What We Have Come To

The best way to get out of this pandemic is the cheapest, by just wearing proper face masks that cost less than $1? Why is this so hard for so many Americans? I’ll be the first one to admit that I do not like wearing one at all, especially outside in the summer months. But unlike asshole Dan, I am smart enough to know that it will provide me some protection, but the biggest reason is not to spread it to others.

So, Dan, I hope you get COVID-19 and end up in a hospital on a ventilator. Let’s see what you say after that! Maybe that will change the mind of a mask denying asshole!

So if I didn’t like going out before today, now I really don’t want to ever again until California fully opens back up, whenever that will be. Maybe in 2021?

Motorcyclists, This Is Why Drivers Hate You

Recently I was driving down highway 5 in San Diego county around 4pm in the afternoon and the traffic was stop and go almost the entire way back to my home. Like most of the time when I’m stuck in traffic like this and in the far left lane, there were motorcyclists were flying down the space in-between my lane and the lane next to me. Unfortunately, California passed a law in 2015 making lane-splitting legal: “Assembly Bill 51, permitting motorcyclist to split lanes so long as they do so at speeds no faster than 50 mph and no faster than 15 mph than traffic in adjacent lanes is moving”. I think they forgot a statement about “…if it’s safe!”

Before I continue, I should point out that I use to be a motorcyclist and never did lane splitting. I have always believed that motorcyclists should obey the same rules of the road as other drivers. Actually, they should be safer drivers than other drivers since riding a motorcycle is much more dangerous. I don’t ride anymore due to California drivers and how poorly they watch out for motorcycles and how some purposely try to hurt motorcyclists. I’ve had a few friends seriously injured due to this.

So before I get hate mail for this blog post, I’m writing it to the 90+ percent or more of motorcyclists that don’t seem to follow any traffic laws. They speed, pop wheelies, weave in and out of traffic for no apparent reason other than they can and have an entitlement attitude.

On my way home that day I had two very dangerous encounters. I decided to write the following to the California Highway Patrol:


CA Partial Plate #: 18H6???

“I am writing because last Thursday while driving back from my doctor, the traffic was really slow. I was in the far left lane and when a motorcyclist came in-between my car and the car in the next lane, he hit my car with his hand on the right front side.  I am assuming he did this because the car next to me and my car were close together and he had trouble getting pass. I was unaware of this since I was paying attention to the traffic in front of me since it was stop and go.


CA Plate #: C275UO

Four minutes later another motorcyclist had the same issue and decided to go down the emergency lane next to me and he almost hit my car too.

I have both of these incidents on video from my dash cam and I have a picture of the first driver’s hand print on my car. I can provide the videos and photos to you if needed. Is there anything can be done about these two incidents, especially the first driver since he hit my car?”

As I’m writing this post, I did get a reply from the CHP asking for the license plate numbers of the motorcyclists which I have provided. So far there hasn’t been a resolution. I will update this post if I find out more information from the CHP.

So motorcyclists, the next time you complain about drivers, maybe you should look at how you drive that speeding bullet because I’m sure it’s why we hate you! My dash cam will be pointed at you recording your illegal driving!

How to Watch the Super Bowl More Efficiently

Here are my easy steps on how to watch the Super Bowl more efficiently:

  1. Setup your DVR to record the game.
  2. Don’t start watching the game until it’s been on for one to two hours. Go enjoy a walk on the beach, get your drink on, go watch a movie or what I prefer to do is to do my weekly grocery shopping when it comes on.
  3. Start watching the recorded game from your DVR.
  4. Use the fast forward button and only stop when: you see the score change (back up about one minute), when the commercials are on (to see how good or bad they are) and during the half-time show (of course if that sucks, you can just keep fast forwarding).
  5. By the time you catch up with the live game, there will only be five to ten minutes left.
  6. Watch the rest of the game since the only exciting part is the last few plays. Of course if it’s a blow out, delete the recording and go do something else more productive with your life than sitting on the couch!

Of course, always remember to not drink and drive! I’m sure the cops are out in force.

Office Life Etiquette

If you are like me and not lucky enough to work at home or have to work in “cube land”, then I am guessing you could be as frustrated as I am with the people around you. It’s amazing how unprofessional professionals are! I’m a software engineer and it’s worse for me because most of us need a calm, quite atmosphere to concentrate. Very hard to achieve in the big open cube rooms of today. This is why I much prefer to work at home. I estimate I can get as much done in two days at home as I do in five days in the cube farm.

So below are a list of things you can anonymously leave on your co-workers desk to teach them how to be a good cube/ office citizen.

  1. Use your quite voice at work! Remember how we were told that as kids and/or we tell that to our kids? Well you need to do that do so others can work instead of being distracted by your conversation. Remember, you are not at a bar or a sporting event!
  2. Make or take personal calls in private! Always make your personal calls or answer them outside or somewhere private like a conference room or an empty office. No one wants to hear your calls to your doctor, kids school, arguing with your significant other, talking your mom out of marrying a drunk etc. This just brings in drama into the office and it’s just plain inappropriate. For some reason when people use the phone, their voice goes up 3-4 decibels. Use your cell phone and take it somewhere else. Never use company phones, it’s not your phone and you never know if big brother is listening.
  3. Don’t sleep at your desk. If you are that tired or hung over, stay home! If you need to sleep, go to your car. Sleeping at your desk is just plain unprofessional. Not sure why companies put up with it. The guy in the cube next to me where I currently work, not only sleeps but snores!
  4. Smokers use breath mints!!! If you are going to blow 10-15 minutes of work time ever hour or so taking time off of your life (smoking) then do us all a favor and pop a few Altoids before you come back into the office. None of us non-smokers what to smell you when you get back into your cube!!
  5. Don’t scratch your butt in the hall! I’m not kidding you… I was trying to go to the printer and this guy was standing in my way, hand down his pants scratching his butt. Please! Not good and any public situation!
  6. Take care of your personal hygiene at home or in the bathroom! No one wants to hear you clipping your nails etc. at your desk!
  7. Make coffee when the pot is almost empty! Okay, this is more office etiquette, but are your hands broken? Is there a reason you leave the pot empty or almost empty? Dang, it takes 10 seconds out of your so important day to make a pot. Come on!
  8. Fill the copier with paper! If the copier ran out of paper then put some more in! Just don’t walk away. If I catch you doing this then be prepared for a swift kick in the ass. If there are no more reams of paper, GO FIND SOME! I’m not your paper bitch!

I will add more to this post as the fun continues!

Pedestrians Have Right-Of-Way

This is for the UCSD student that tried to run me over near the T.G.I. Fridays in La Jolla today (around 12:45pm)… straight from the DMV handbook:

Respect the right-of-way of pedestrians. Always stop for any pedestrian crossing at corners or other crosswalks, even if the crosswalk is in the middle of the block and at corners with or without traffic lights, whether or not the crosswalks are marked by painted lines.

So the next time you speed up to try to hit me, then honk at me, then roll down your window to yell at me about the “rules of the road” you should think again. I don’t know if you are from this country, your momma did not raise you right or what, but I’m the wrong pedestrian to mess with. I’ve been driving longer then you have been alive!

Leave Your Baby At Home!

Last week I went to see “Meet the Fockers” at a movie theater in Mission Valley here in San Diego. I heard the movie was great, maybe even funnier than the first so I was excited to go check it out. My excitement severely dropped when I saw (and heard) at least four small infant babies being brought into the theater by their parents! So I prayed and hoped they would not cry… I was wrong. Not only did one or more of them cry during most of the movie but I swear that they all were crying at one time at one point! This pretty much ruined the movie for me.

I don’t know about “most” parents, but when I had my kids, I did not step foot into a movie theater for many years unless we got a grandparent to watch our kids for us. It is totally beyond me why anyone would want to go take an infant or small child to a movie that is rated PG-13 or higher. Heck, kids should only be in G movies and babies should never be there!

Leave your baby at home and wait for the movie to come out on DVD or video! If you can’t afford a babysitter, than this is cheaper anyway. I even said something to the parents down the row from me and they still did not take their baby out of the theater so it would stop bothering everyone around them. This is just another example of why I really don’t like going out to the movies any more… I just can’t take the ever increasing rudeness of the people that go. Don’t get me started on cell phones and talking during the movie!!!

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