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The Huffington Post Complete Guide To Blogging

I purchased this book after seeing Arianna Huffington on The Daily Show. She spoke highly of it and since I write maintain a few blogs I thought I could gain some some knowledge from it. The front of the book touts these statements:

  • Getting Started
  • Best Practices
  • Getting Noticed
  • Building Community
  • Finding Your Voice

Also listed on the front of the book are numerous famous people like Harry Shearer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Bill Maher and more that wrote advice in the book. Wow, sounds like a great book… every blogger needs a copy! Think again!

Overall the book is just a 230 page advertisement for the Huffington Post. The statements listed above are just chapter titles and the star “advise” is not very aspiring. Just comments on their experience writing for the Huffington Post. Sure they do list a some useful tidbits like getting started but nothing in detail. Then the chapter just turns into how the Huffington Post got started. There were pages and pages on how Arianna and others came up with the look and feel of the site. All the experts they consulted, all the time it took to create something new and exciting and different from the current newspapers. So I finally got a chance to check out their blog and it looks like a newspaper! Wow, now that’s a change! I quickly left because they came up with a design that “screams” at me and I don’t like any site like that.

I vowed to finish this book (since I have trouble reading a complete book) and I did. But it got pretty painful since it’s so self-indulgent! So in the end, not much real information but if you are a fan of the Huffington Post you will like this book.

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