How Much Fun Can You Have In East County on a Saturday Night?

You can have a hell of a lot of fun if you happened to be at the The Downtown Cafe in El Cajon this evening between 7-10pm because you were treated to one of San Diego’s famous bands called The Farmers (formerly The Beat Farmers). They rocked out with a mixture of tunes from their long career and entertained everyone from toddlers barley old enough to walk to the grandparents of those same kids!

The outside patio area where The Farmers performed was packed with fans (sporting their Farmers t-shirts) and even family of the band. Lead singer Corbin Turner told me before they played that they really enjoy playing at The Downtown Cafe because all ages can come enjoy the band. If was evident from all the dancing and smiles tonight that everyone there did enjoy the band and had a blast.

The Downtown Cafe has a wide range of good food from burgers, fajita’s, BBQ and more at reasonable prices. It features a very large outside patio area that is perfect for a warm summer evening. It has a very large indoor restaurant and bar too. While I wished the service was a bit better (faster and more attentive) the great food and entertainment made up for it. They feature music Thursday thru Saturday nights.

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