Don’t Lie in Your Profile for Online Dating Sites!

You think this would be common sense, but it’s not and as a matter of fact getting worse! I’m not sure why people do this… men and women. Do you think we won’t figure it out when we meet or get to know you? Lately what I have been seeing is women lying about their age. If we have an issue with someone’s chronological age instead of the way they act, beliefs etc., don’t you think we will still have it after your true age is revealed some day down the road? Now we just know you lie on top of it, which to me is worse.

I know men like to lie about their height, amount of money they make and most likely the size of their “tool”. Both sexes lie about their weight! I love it in women profiles when they say they are “curvy” or “a few pounds overweight” when they have obviously not been to their doctor lately so he can inform them they are obese! The funny thing is that I can see this in their picture! Men (and women) beware of head shot only pictures!

I’ve had women tell me she lived with roommates, but forgot to say they were her parents! I’ve had women tell me they had jobs when they didn’t, tell me they didn’t have kids when they did, tell me they were single when they weren’t, tell me they drink but they were really going to AA, tell me they only drank booze while they whipped out their medical marijuana card and more!

So people, the next time you are writing or updating your dating profile, please tell the truth because it will always come out in the end.


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