Pedestrians Have Right-Of-Way

This is for the UCSD student that tried to run me over near the T.G.I. Fridays in La Jolla today (around 12:45pm)… straight from the DMV handbook:

Respect the right-of-way of pedestrians. Always stop for any pedestrian crossing at corners or other crosswalks, even if the crosswalk is in the middle of the block and at corners with or without traffic lights, whether or not the crosswalks are marked by painted lines.

So the next time you speed up to try to hit me, then honk at me, then roll down your window to yell at me about the “rules of the road” you should think again. I don’t know if you are from this country, your momma did not raise you right or what, but I’m the wrong pedestrian to mess with. I’ve been driving longer then you have been alive!


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