Local 80’s Band Assassin To Play for One Last Time

If you live in San Diego back in the 80’s then you might have seen the #1 heavy metal band called Assassin. This band played often locally and even opening for some bands like Poison and more. Back then, before everyone could record music on their laptop, they had a 45 record out that was actually funded by one of the players from the Padres. One of their songs that was featured on a metal compilation album in Europe even made it to #3 at one point!

I actually started working for the band as their official photographer (yes I have been doing that for this long). I then started to be the “roadie” for the bass player John and even occasionally did lights and sound and more (better told over a beer). Well, last year the head of their fan club got a hold of some original and live recordings (I was around for both) and released their first CD on Deep Shag Records (click here to purchase).


This is now leading to the very last reunion gig ever of Assassin and other bands from then at 4th & B next Saturday, April 17th at 8pm. All the original members of Assassin will be there along with myself taking pictures (of course). It’s guaranteed to be an awesome throwback to the 80’s and I hope to see everyone there! Please come by and say hi, it won’t hard to find me… I’ll be the 6’4″ guy with all the cameras and all of his hair!

For tickets click here.


3 responses

  1. Ahhhhhh! Thats where I know you from =}
    I was at that show…. GLAD 2 B!
    Great to see every body back….
    Herd there would be a follow up…project maybe?
    Went to see my friends Lorah and John. Met BeBe
    and his wife… =}
    Thought the evening was great!
    Wanna B Friends?

    1. Always good to have another friend 🙂 You can send me an email on the About page on this site.


  2. Saw you guys with Poison!!!!
    Was a GREAT NIGHT!

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