Pedestrians Need To Pay Attention When Walking In Front Of Cars

Yesterday while coming off of a six lane off ramp from the 56 in Carmel Valley after work (see Google map picture below),  a young pregnant woman was very causally (slowly) walking across the intersection while talking on her cell phone! She was engrossed in her call (as most people are when on their cell) and was absolutely not paying attention to the many cars around her. At this intersection there is a right turn lane where she could have easily been hidden by a large truck and someone could have just whipped around the corner and hit her, most likely killing her. Lucky for her I was there and paying attention! Now I know that people in cars on a cell phone are more likely to cause an accident than a drunk driver, but just because you are walking with one does not make you any less accident prone!

El Camino Real Intersection

Not two minutes later I was pulling into the parking lot of a local restaurant and a woman was very slowly walking across the parking lot reading a piece of paper in her own little world… not paying attention to me or that I wanted to get past her to park! Come on people, I know pedestrians have the right of way, but it does not make you any less responsible for an accident. If you are going to be in front of 3+ ton bullets, get off your frickin cell phones, iPods or whatever other distractions you might have! Otherwise that might be the last time you are walking anywhere.


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