The Day After

Now that the 2008 election is finally over (did not think this day would ever come), here are some thoughts of reflection:

  • I love this day because it means no more political ads on TV! My eyes and ears have been hit by thousands of mostly negative ads which I think are the wrong way to get your point across! If you spend 30 minutes tearing down the other side how will I know what your side will do??
  • Okay, we all know that politicians lie or make promises they can’t keep. I just hope that in the state this country is in and the world that they follow through. I also hope we the people make them keep their promises!
  • In this day of age, I can’t believe the ban on same sex marriage in California passed!
  • I’m looking forward to my stress levels going down now that this is all over. I mostly blame the candidates, the political ads, debates etc. I have never seen such a huge level of negativity being placed on the American people. What kind of example do they show us? What kind of role models are they for us? To me, not very good ones. It’s no wonder our political system is so messed up.

I just hope we all learn (including politicians) from this two long year experience. Keep the good and stop the negativity!


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