Printer Re-Installing Blunder

Today the company that purchased us last year sent out an email to everyone in our company. It seems they are moving our print servers over to their servers. While this is not a big deal the email they sent out was not only hard to understand but wrong. Their instructions were very hard to understand for even us in IT let alone secretaries, scientists, clerks etc. They actually expected people to know what the old print server was so they could relate it to a new one.

Then they included an excel file with the old printer network path in one column and the new printer network path in the other. The problem was in the spreadsheet, they did not use the fully qualified name for the print server!!! Since we have not fully moved over to their domain, none of these network server names would work… NONE!

So our users started calling their help desk and ours asking why it was not working… DUH! So one of our IT guys had to spend hours creating correct documentation to explain it correctly to our employees and then send it out via email. If only one of the 1,500 IT people at our new company would have tested these printer network paths or have gotten someone here to, there would not have been an issue.

Update on 5/15/2008

Another awesome feature of moving to their new print servers is that print jobs that use to start immediately, now take 5 minutes or more to print! I’ve even heard of print jobs taking 2 hours!!! How is anyone supposed to get their work done? I guess the jobs have to go all the way to India and bad.

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