Things I've Learned This Week

This is an ode to the “Things I’ve Learned This Week” feature that Carl Franklin does on his Monday’s podcast. Since I do not have a weekly podcast, blogging will have to do.

I learned that taking the Coast Starlight train from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo is pretty cool. Much less stressful than driving.

I learned that two volunteer Forest Rangers get on the Coast Starlight train in San Bernardino and give everyone a very cool guided tour of what we are passing until we reach San Luis Obispo.

I learned while the best view of the ocean and the sights from the Coast Starlight train is from the observation deck. This is also where the only power outlet is for the entire train!

I learned it is best to bring a power strip on the Coast Starlight train so there is no fighting over the one power outlet.

I learned that some women on the Coast Starlight train start reading books on how to change their man before they even have one.

I learned that said women gets nervous when sitting with three geeky programmers in the dinning car.

I learned that the drunken woman on the Coast Starlight train somehow lost her boot???

I learned that Robert Hope, almost single handedly, put on the best organized Code Camp that I have ever spoken at!

I learned that bikers (Harley-Davidson) are not as tough as they try to appear. When a biker walks up to the bar at the Embassy Suites and orders a white wine or a mojito, I have to question their masculinity.

I learned that San Luis Obispo is a pretty cool place and that geeks live there!

I learned that 6:45am is too early in the morning to catch a train.

I learned that train food is just as bad if not worse than airplane food.

I learned that you should never bring grandma on the train because they think they know everything and they never shut up.

I learned that burps from the old man behind me smell just like old man farts.

I learned that kids should not be allowed in the business class section of the train because they never shut up and stop whining.

I learned that my iPod is a necessity on the train when kids (or grandma) are in the business class section.

I learned that earphones should be required on a train for anyone listing to a DVD player!

I learned that if the kids in front of me had earphones then their grandpa would not have gotten mad at them for turning up DVD player and in turn making them cry.

I learned that when a freight train comes apart in front of your train, it delays you outside of Ventura for about an hour while they put it back together?!?!?

I learned that train engineers cannot make up time by going faster like airplane pilots can. In the end I was 2.5 hours late arriving home (San Diego).

I learned that crazy old people are allowed to bring their dogs on the train… can it get any worse?

I learned that listening to “Answers” by Steve Vai while your train is going through the bowls of Los Angeles makes it more enjoyable. Do not know why. Maybe anything from Steve Vai would do the trick.

I learned that my iPod volume does not go up loud enough to drown out whining kids that have been stuck on the train for 8 hours.


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