I Hate The Del Mar Fair

The reason is that I work about 4 miles from where I live in the Del Mar area. My 10 – 15 minute commute home every evening is now taking 30 – 60+ minutes! As soon as the fair is done then racing season starts… we don’t get a break all summer! Fridays are really bad during racing season because of the late start and concerts.

I don’t think the owners/ promoters of these events give any thought to the many thousands of people that are put out for 3 months and we get nothing out of it.


One response

  1. What a winer… the fair and the races are a huge economic boon for Del Mar and San Diego. I don’t think your problems will be much of a concern for the powers that be. The way is to look at it is to enjoy that for 9 month out of the year you have little traffic. 😉

    Just my $.02

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