Outsourcing Taken To a New Level

This section will tell the story of how the small company I work for (about 450+ people) was taken over by a very large company. While this happens all the time, I will focus on outsourcing because our new company takes this to a whole new level. They outsource everything and I mean everything from IT, accounting, HR, recruiting, facilities and more. I’m not sure who even works at the home office? Okay maybe the VP’s and the project managers that oversee the outsourcing, but that’s about it. I have never seen an abuse of outsourcing as I have witnessed since they purchased us. I could care less if it worked, but it doesn’t from what I have seen so far.

I have never seen a bigger waste of time and money. Sure, outsourcing on the surface might be cheaper but it takes about 5 outsourced people to do the job of one of us! I will for now not reveal the company that purchased the company I work for but I might use real first names.

Stay tuned!


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