Circus Diablo Makes Their Debut at Canes

The new band, Circus Diablo made their debut Sunday night at Canes in Mission Beach, Ca. Circus Diablo features Billy Morrison: Vocals. Billy Duffy (The Cult): Lead Guitar. Ricky Warwick: Rhythm Guitar. Brett Scallions: Bass Guitar. Jeremy Colson: Drums. For those of you that didn’t come, you missed a kick ass rock show. For the 75 or so that did… we were treated to a very intimate show! So intimate that before and after their set, you could walk up to any of the band members and get an autograph or just chat. They all were very cool!

Circus Diablo

The treat for me was chatting with Billy Duffy again. I meet him for the first time backstage at The Cult concert in Vegas this year and it was awesome. He is one of my guitar influences and it was great to find out what a nice guy he is.

Circus Diablo are only playing a few more shows before they take a break until next year. I suggest checking them out before they do. Go to their web site for the very few upcoming shows!

Click here for pictures from the show!


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