Reading in the Bathroom?

I just never understood this mostly male pastime. I just started working at a new place last week and I would say there are at least 100 males or more on my floor (and only 2 toilets). Just about every time I go in, there is someone in the big stall… reading. The other day people were coming in, needed to use a stall, and he just sat there quietly waiting for them to leave before he turned the page.

I never liked bathrooms, especially sticky, hot, dirty ones like where I work. I get in and out of a bathroom, including mine at home, as soon as I can. I never linger reading or thinking. So why do so many men do? Do they need to read to “complete the task at hand”? Is this the only place they can find peace and quiet so they can think?

Now, I could figure out why they might want to linger if they have a Playboy or Hustler with them, but here at work I see guys taking in the San Diego Reader? Go figure.


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