Goodbye GoodGuys!

Here is a letter that I just sent to the GoodGuys store telling them of a recent “bad” experience… I wonder if I will hear anything back from them?

“I writing to let GoodGuys know how unhappy I am with a recent experience when getting my car stereo repaired at your La Jolla, Ca store. They removed it from my car and the manager told me it should take about two weeks to repair and they will give me a call when it arrives back in the store. About 3 ½ weeks later, I finally called the repair center and they told me it was sent back to the store over 20 days earlier! It is totally unacceptable no one from the store called me to let me know it was there!

That next weekend I arrived at the store just as it opened. I got my car stereo and then informed the manager that my unit has been there over 20 days and no one called me. He seemed perplexed and the told me that there was a system in place to call the customer when the unit arrived and then continue to call them afterwards. Obviously, this system is not working.

When the installation person (has been at the store only three weeks) started putting in my unit, he told me that two clips that were needed for mounting and the trim ring were missing. I don’t recall if the person that took out my unit gave me those items or not. This installation person told me it’s common for the repair facility not to send these items back?!?! Again, this is totally unacceptable… no matter who screwed up this part of the process.

So after showing the manager what happened and then waiting about 30 more minutes, the manager said he was going to order a new trim ring and it should be here within a week. So the installation person installed my unit, minus the ring. Later that day I discovered that the radio did not work. It can’t find any stations, so I assume the installation person did not hook up my antenna when he installed my unit. Again, totally unacceptable!

About a month later my trim ring was finally arrived, installed and the installation person fixed the radio stations issue (he plugged in the antenna). About a month after that the unit broke again.

I believe that an important part of any business like yours is after the sale service. About 10 years ago or so Circuit City gave me a few bad service experiences and I have never been in their store since. When I stopped going to Circuit City, I started buying most of my “big ticket” items (big screen TV, VCR, DVD players etc) at GoodGuys. After this experience I will not be bringing in my broken car stereo to GoodGuys or buying a new one from you.”

I think I will check out BestBuy this weekend to replace my car stereo. I hope my experience there goes better.


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