On the Way Home Last Night

Driving in San Diego is getting worse and worse. Not only because traffic is getting noticeably worse by the month, but I swear drivers are getting more stupid by the month too! Last night, like many nights, almost every driver I passed on the freeway that was driving like an idiot (driving too slow for the lane they were in, constantly pressing their breaks for no apparent reason, swerving, making lane changes that made no sense etc.) had a cell phone glued to their ear!

You can not tell me that cell phone users do not cause more traffic accidents and/or cause more traffic problems! About a month or so ago, a woman drove off a bridge here in San Diego (and I think died) because she was on her cell phone. I am a big believer that cell phones should be totally banned in cars or at least force drivers to use headsets so both hands are on the wheel.

While I’m on my soapbox I would like to explain what on an off ramps for the freeway are for since many drivers don’t seem to know.

On ramps: Yes, these are to get on the freeway, but “most” are designed for you to get up to freeway speeds before you enter into the freeway! They are not to just drive like you are on a lazy Sunday drive and enter the freeway going 40 and then speed up! Come on people! Any you wonder why the freeways are so messed up!

Off ramps: These are to slow down and exit the freeway. You are not supposed to slow down on the freeway first!

Drivers licenses should be much harder to get in this country!


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