Radio Station Gives Back To The Community

Every year the morning show (Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw or commonly referred to as the DSC) on KGB 101.5 in San Diego puts together a “best of” CD and sells it during the Thanksgiving/ Christmas holiday season. They take the proceeds and give out $1,000 at a time to people in need. Usually people really down on their luck and need to pay their rent, car payment, bills etc.

Well, this past Christmas (2004), along with the CD they also produced a full-length movie, a comedy of course, called the JK Conspiracy. They did the usual 12 days of Christmas and gave out $1,000 to needy people before they went on Christmas vacation. But this CD/DVD combo sold so well, it brought in almost $250,000! After production costs of around $40,000 they have a lot of money left over.

So what are they doing with it? Well, they are giving it back to the community. Starting in March, every day that they are live on the air until the end of the year they are giving away $1,000 so someone in need. How cool is that! The other morning a mother wrote in and told a story about her daughter’s cars engine blowing up and having to be replaced. Of course her daughter could not pay for this so the she had the engine replaced. Then on the heals of that, the daughter’s car insurance became due and the mother just could not afford to help out. This is where the DSC stepped in and helped out.

The DSC has always been the best morning show I have ever heard, no matter what city I am in and I have been listening to them just about since they started. I have always been impressed with what they do with the money with their “best of” CD’s, but this latest “stunt” just really blows me away. Thanks DSC. How are you going to top this in 2005?


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