Angry User: Outlook 2003 Junk Mail Filter

Okay, it?s April 19, 2004 and I just installed the latest update to Outlook, which was an update to its junk mail filter. What I was hoping was that it would fix a major problem that I have been having? while Outlook 2003 is great at catching most junk mail from your inbox, it does not work at all if you have a ?rule? setup to move incoming mail to another folder. For instance, when I started up Outlook today, I had 35 junk e-mails in one folder (3 more as I was writing this)!!! Come on Microsoft, this cannot be that hard to fix!

I have also found out that if you have a rule that moves all the incoming mail from a specified account to a folder and you have it setup that only the e-mail headers are downloaded from that account, it won’t process them at all!

Update: The Update for Outlook 2003: Junk E-mail Filter (KB870765) released in July 2004 seems to have fixed the junk mail filter issue described above.


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