Angry User: Microsoft Outlook 2003 (beta)

Last weekend I rebuilt (hardware) my main computer at home. I was running Microsoft Office 2000. Before I shut down the old hardware for the last time, I exported all my e-mail account settings in Outlook (all 9 of them) and placed them (along with all my other backup data) on my file server. After I rebuilt my server, installed Windows XP, I installed Microsoft Office 2003 (beta 2 refresh). After I went through some hassle with making my old .pst file the main personal folder in Outlook 2003 I then attempted to setup my e-mail accounts.


At first I went to the screen where the e-mail accounts are setup because in Outlook 2000, this is where you import/export account settings. Guess what? No such option. Then I went to File/ Import and Export. I selected :Import Internet Mail Account Settings”. all I got was an error stating “No internet accounts were found to import”! What the heck! It did not let me pick a place to import them from or anything!


So I had to manually enter ALL NINE of my e-mail accounts (thank goodness I had the foresight to make screenshots of all my account settings)! It was a struggle remembering some of the passwords! This really sucked! They better get this fixed before the release in two weeks or there are going to be a lot of pissed off people.


Update March 14, 2005

I still can’t figure out a way to save (export) email account settings in Outlook 2003. Very frustrating 😦


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