Weird Al @ The Del Mar Fair

I’ve wanted to see Weird Al for a really long time. He has been a favorite of mine ever since he first showed up on MTV. Anyone that pokes fun at popular music is awesome in my book! Since I saw his live DVD, I really wanted to see him (even though he was at the fair). This was the first show of his tour and we were not disappointed. Weird Al did songs from his entire collection. He did a fantastic job at entertaining by using his infamous costumes such as the fat suit for I’m Fat. He even used multi media videos shown behind the band. He even played hilarious videos between songs poking fun at pop artists while he was doing his costume changes (I think he did more changes than Nsync!).

During the show he stopped and said “Welcome to the first show of the show or what we like to call the sound check!” He was right about that. The sound was okay, but it seemed the guitarist did not have his rig “dialed” in. Other than that, the show seemed fine for being the first of the tour. I can’t wait until he tours again… I’ll be there!


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