HeavyMealDave Meets P.O.D.! Do you Believe In Fate?

Sonny from P.O.D and HeavyMetalDave (David McCarter) I do! On October 25, 2002 (the afternoon of the Creed concert here in San Diego) I took my son to the Wherehouse to pickup an Xbox game. I saw the latest CD from P.O.D. on one of the stands in the middle of the store. Since my son and I both like P.O.D. (We saw them in September at Ozzfest. They were the first band there that made the concert worth the $70 ticket price!), I asked him if we wanted it and of course he said yes! I also (for some reason) left my digital camera in my car, even though I knew I could not use it later that night at the Creed concert.

So, that evening I went to see the rescheduled Creed show at Cox Arena (the same place that P.O.D. shot their Boom video). After the show we decided to go to McGregor’s Grill in Mission Valley to see what was going on there. The front area of the place was of course way to packed so we went to the back area (we where there before the Creed show to grab a bite to eat). The waitress we had earlier in the day told me Sonny from P.O.D. was just a few feet away from me. I could not believe it since I just bought their CD that day!

I told my friend that I have to go over and get his autograph for my son (since he could not be there). I went over to Sonny and introduced myself and asked if he could sign the back of one of my HeavyMetalDave.Net business cards for my son. Sonny asked his name and was more than happy to! While he was doing so, one of the girls in his group asked if I had a camera. I was about to say no and I remembered I left my camera in my car. I told her I could go to my car and get it and she said that she would take a picture of Sonny and I! Then Sonny gave me the signed business card and told me he signed it with his “real” name. He did this because he and my son have the same name and he loves that name!!!!

So I dashed out to my car as fast as I could to retrieve my camera. When I came back I kinda had to wait in line for the picture behind some female fans. Then his friend took the picture you see to the left of Sonny and I. Then I had a few minutes to talk to him. Asked him what the band is up to and told him I really like their Satellite video. Told him I really like the part at the end when they pan up from San Diego! He seemed to like that part too! Also told him that I think it’s great his band is bringing attention to music being created in San Diego. He also mentioned that they are going to be on a song on the new Santana CD!

Sonny is one of the most down to earth, “non-rock star mentality” musicians I have ever meet! It’s nice to see that even though their latest CD went triple platinum, he is just a normal guy and has time for his fans! Thanks Sonny!


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