THE BOOK OF VISUAL STUDIO ..NET: A Guide for Developers

Microsoft’s goal with .NET is to turn the Internet
into the next operating system, and Visual Studio .NET will be a key
tool for implementing that vision. Of course, this paradigm shift is not
easy for many developers. “As the .NET initiative encompasses a
tremendous breadth of technologies,” says author Robert Dunaway, “many
developers are having a difficult time understanding the .NET

The Book of Visual Studio .NET (No Starch Press, 1886411697, 456 pp.,
$49.95 US/$74.95 Cdn, Oct. 2002) is a comprehensive and straightforward
guide through the maze of tools and technologies that are Visual Studio
.NET: from ASP.NET to VB.NET to XML Web Services.

“I have heard several complaints that in order to build a single .NET
application you must purchase 3 to 4 books,” says Dunaway. “For example,
you might want to develop a web site that uses ASP.NET for the
presentation layer, VB .NET for the business logic layer, ADO.NET to
communicate to the database, XML for passing data between layers, XML
Web Services for platform integration, and SQL Server to persist data.

Most of these technologies are required by all applications. The Book of
Visual Studio .NET introduces how Visual Studio .NET is used to deliver
all these technologies, followed by a chapter on each to give the reader
a jump start.”

The Book of Visual Studio .NET shows readers how to:

* Integrate multiple .NET technologies including ASP.NET, ADO.NET, VB
.NET, and XML Web Services

* Solve common developmental issues concerning cross language
integration, cross platform communication, installation, and versioning

* Use designers, database and monitoring tools to aid in rapid
application development

* Access data using a variety of techniques and promote application

* Implement COM+ with Enterprise Services

Available in bookstores or from No Starch Press
(, The Book of Visual Studio .NET offers insight
not found anywhere in the documentation, and it will have developer’s
building real, working applications – fast.


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