Letter to KIOZ (Rock 105.3) in San Diego

I would just like to give my two cents about the recent events of When Bands Attack III. When Godsmack dropped yesterday the bottom dropped out for me. I’m a hard working single dad and I have been looking forward to this concert for weeks. I could take Qzzy backing out because I had Godsmack to fallback on, but now there is no big named band left on the bill.

I can tell you the reason why these to big acts dropped… its San Diego! I have lived here for 21 years and we have always been treaded unfairly (for the most part) by big bands. Many don’t come here (like Ozzy) or they only come during inconvenient times of the week. Do you think if this concert were in Los Angeles these bands would have backed out? I don’t think so! L.A. is too important, we aren’t.

Godsmack knew about Ozzy backing out. They even had contact with you after 9/11 to donate money to charity and 1 ½ days before they back out leaving us without a headlining act! This is just bad. They can’t make this up to us.

So we are left with three sort of popular bands (Staind, Linkin Park, Deftones) that have singers that just stand there on stage whining with their eyes closed most of the time. Boring! Plus Deftones were at When Bands Attack II. Your station rarely even plays Deftones!

Also, I would like to complain about the ticket prices. In the past WBA was really cheap to go to but this year I was willing to pay $71.95 because Ozzy and Godsmack was on the bill. They are big, they are worth it! But now, that cost seems hardly worth it to see the bands that on the bill now. BC and Woody says to be patriotic and go to the concert have fun? well how is KIOZ going to be patriotic and make this up to it’s listeners? How about donating the money you were going to pay Ozzy and Godsmack to the Redcross? That would make me feel better.

So am I going? No, my friends and I decided that at this cost is just not worth it. We got our many back!


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