Drivers To Avoid While You are on The Road

Here is a list of people in cars you should avoid at all times while you are driving on the road! (I have seen all of these type of drivers)

  1. All VW Bus’s! They don’t go very fast and screw up the stream of traffic!
  2. All Mini-Vans! They are the new VW Bus’s!
  3. Any driver and rests their head in their hand. If they are too tired to keep their head up, then they must be too tired to pay much attention to the road!
  4. All Teenagers!
  5. Drivers that eat cereal out of a bowl propped up on the lower part of the steering wheel!
  6. Woman driver doing her makeup! I never understood this one. Why can’t you women take care of this at home or in the bathroom at the office instead of putting us all in danger or slowing the flow of traffic?
  7. Woman driver doing her makeup while on her cell phone!
  8. Anyone on a cell phone! Ever notice how they drive slower and act as if they don’t know where the hell they are going. They are an accident waiting to happen! Using a cell phone in a car should be made illegal while it’s in motion. Pay attention to the road!!!
  9. Anyone who stops two or three car lengths behind the car in front of them at a stoplight. Obviously, these people have a depth perception problem and should not be on the road in the first place!
  10. Anyone who puts on their breaks every few seconds for no apparent reason. I can’t figure this one out. Either they have a problem remembering which pedal is for the breaks and which is for the gas? The other reason is that they are so afraid of everything around them that they might needs to slam on the breaks at any millisecond? Who knows.
  11. Reading while driving! That’s right, reading newspapers, books, memos… I’ve seen it all. The car is not a library people!
  12. Fussing around with something in the passenger seat. No I don’t mean a child, I am talking about purses, briefcases or what ever else some of you keep in the passenger seat that for some reason you think driving on the road is a good time to take care of it. Can’t you do this before or after you get in the car?
  13. Anyone flossing their teeth while driving!

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