Painting: Phases of Life

This original artwork is created by artist Sushmita Singh who lives in India. These 3 paintings are sold together (not framed).

Dave’s Killer Slow-Cooker Beef Stew (Gluten & Nightshade Free)

This is a delicious beef stew recipe that I came up with so I can boost my iron level before I donate blood at the San Diego Blood Bank.

Photography: Blue Sunset

In April of 2008, I took this photo I call Blue Sunset in San Diego, California.

Photography: Salt Lake City, Utah

In May of 2022, I took my second trip to Salt Lake City, Utah for business. While I was there, I visited the Great Salt Lake and drove a bit in the local mountains.

Photography: Daisey’s Are Popping

I took this photo that I call Daisey's are Popping at Balboa Park in San Diego, California in the United States in 2010. 

Sun Field

Photography: Sun Field

I took this photo that I call "Sun Field" outside of Flagstaff, AZ in the United States. The mountains in the background are the San Francisco Peaks. 

Photography: Water Play

I took this photo that I call "Water Play" at Swami's Beach in Encinitas, California in the United States. Sunsets are always beautiful in the San Diego area!

Photography: Hold Your Head Up High

I took this photo that I call "Hold Your Head Up High". I took this near the Wupataki National Monument outside of Flagstaff, AZ in the United States.

Photography: Dark Light

I took this photo that I call Dark Light in San Jose, California in 2017. I believe I took this in a bathroom at one of their restaurants. 

Photography: Sunburst Circles

I took this photo that I call Sunburst Circles at a hotel in India in 2018.

Thanksgiving Dinner in a Pot

Preparation Time: 45 minutes Cooking: 8 hours This easy recipe features many of the traditional Thanksgiving ingredients and flavors cooked in a large slow cooker. The smell will fill your house while you watch holiday movies. The result is moist flavorful turkey along with soft potatoes and vegetables. This is the perfect dinner for a … Continue reading Thanksgiving Dinner in a Pot